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Let me start by saying WELCOME to a brand new start in life, and a successful one. You are here because you have tried to Loribecome an online successful business owner, but everywhere you turn either the company fails you or, you find out that the program you are trying to do is a scam. Well, my friend, you don’t have to look any further for this program is what you have been searching for.


My journey into the online business world started back a couple of years ago. I was tired of living off S.S. I, (Social Security Income Benefits.) Living off of $771.00 a month and less then $10,000.00 a year is very difficult and heartbreaking to do.

I started with Shopify and was with them for over a year. I made less than $60.00 that whole time and my monthly bill was $34.00 a month. So right there I was in the hole. Their gurus were no help unless I had money to spend on ads or to hire them to run my back office for me. I finally said good-bye to Shopify.

There was a company out of Arizona I hired for $300.00 to create me a site, but after not getting the site and no answer from that company. I called their headquarters and got my money back. Headquarters set me up with another of their companies again I paid $300.00 for the site.

When I got the site I did not like it for it only displayed 3 items and I was told by my coach not to call unless I have money to send on advertising and their teaching courses. I told them to shut the site down and refund my money and if they didn’t I would take it to social media. LOL got my refund back before I awoke the next day.

Throughout the past two years, I have gotten a lot of offers through my e-mail and over the phone and all of them have been scams for work from home. Make money fast, and cash machines. I am sure you have all been there too. I still get a lot of phone calls to this day and I tell them to remove my number I am not interested.University



I was looking into a company to see whether it was a scam when I noticed an ad in the sidebar. I was curious so I read it and started laughing because I thought it was another scam. Just for laughs, I decided to click into this site to see what kind of trouble I could cause before I left.

To my surprise, I was dead wrong about this company. I was greeted and welcomed by the community with open arms, and believe leave me when I say there is a GREAT BIG community here for there are over 1.9 million of us worldwide. At first, I thought that number was a joke, but quickly learned it was the truth.

Wealthy Affiliates have held to every word and promise that they made. See most people who create websites for their business WA+Moneyusually pay out-of-pocket expenses for ads and to get ranked on Google, Bing, and yahoo. With WA, (Wealthy Affiliates) you don’t have to pay a dime. I know I don’t pay to advertise anymore.

Most people don’t know about SEO or even how to run a back-office fully and completely. Most small businesses usually pay someone to create, manage, and host their website. With this company, they teach you all the in’s and out’s of the back office. All about SEOs. I can even start building, managing and hosting websites for businesses for what I have learned.



The internet is a wide vast place for people to accomplish many things online. You have your social media sites, online schools, and even more and more businesses are turning to the online world for revenue.

People are getting screwed over by these companies that promise you the world, and even if you put the work and time into it, Uncoverthey are the ones getting richer and people are stuck at a dead-end street. I use an analogy about the choir to describe what can be done about this. It takes one voice to strike a chorus, a chorus to make a choir sing and a choir to the unit a notion.

If one person will just stand up and start talking, eventually more will join in, and then even more until our voices are heard everywhere. Now I have the means with this site and the time to do it. So let me be the first one to stand up and start singing.

Now I put out a tester site on Oct. 22nd called allmightygamers.com and within a week of following the training I was being ranked in Google, Bing, and yahoo. I had also indexed and Made a commission from the affiliate company I was going through. I have since then unmonetized it for a bit and left all my content upon that page. As I said it was a tester to see if this company deliver. You can still see my tester site at www.allmightygamers.com



The goal of my site is to inform and educate people on what Wealthy Affiliate is and how this company can help you to become a successful business owner online. I am tired of these companies that don’t deliver upon their promises and just want you for your money.

My site will also post complete reviews on companies and products. I will let you know if they are legit or a scam. There are too many scammers and thieves online these days and I want to help inform you so you can n make an informed decision.

The third thing my site will be providing it useful content and information on online tools for your business and also informational content that will make you think or wonder.

With Wealthy Affiliates, you are part of something bigger and not just another paycheck.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will believe more than happy to help you out.

You may also let me know below if there is something out there that you would like a review or post done about.

All the best,

Lori Marick

Why Wealthy Affiliates


10 thoughts on “About Lori

  1. Phil Salisbury Reply

    Very nice post, I have experienced many scams as well over the years, what a pleasure to work with such honest and upright people as we have found in the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. And a big bargain as well!

    • admin Reply

      For what we get and as little as we pay I think it is us who benefit more then the owners cause we learn more than we ever thought a company would teach us, and at such a price.

  2. Douglas Reply

    I wish you success here with this website. The wealthy affiliate community is amazing and I’m happy that I joined it. Only really been going for a week or so but the training on everything is awesome and I have a website up and running. Great post on affiliate programs and good luck on your journey. I hope you find that this isn’t a scam they have been doing this for something like 14 years which says something right there about them caring about the community that they have created.
    Thank you

    • admin Reply

      Hi Douglas and thank you for your comment. It is so amazing for what you get for so little a price

  3. Steve Reply

    I wish you success with your website. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get started and build an online business. The community is very helpful and there is a lot of excellent training. Best of luck to you.

  4. Kristina Reply

    You are very articulate and I know where you’re coming from lol, I actually found WA, while looking up whether this other thing…I think it was mytrafficbiz or something along those lines was legitimate or not (it sounded too good to be true so I was hesitant to try that one, went to google to put in it name along with is it legit? and I found an article talking about how that and many other “get rich quick schemes” were a total scam) I found that the article gave WeathyAffiliate a thumbs up on legitimacy so I tried it out (Haven’t made any money yet but I haven’t regretted trying it, I’m still pretty new and didn’t expect to be making money yet, but I know that $771.00 a month struggle, I’m on Disability too~) I’m hoping to be able to make this into a full time business before my next “appointment to see if I’m still eligible for Disability) that’ll probably be in 4 or 5 years, my last appointment was a complete nightmare (I had nightmares literally everyday until the appointment and then I had to leave my house for pretty much the 1st time since 2009…I would really love to NOT have to worry about that again) Wow I’ve written a lot, for someone who doesn’t like to talk to people sometimes I don’t know when to shut up lol. Well I’ll let ya go now, but I just wanted to reiterate that I love your “About Lori” page it tells a very good story of what you went through and why you chose WA 🙂

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Kristina, and thank you for your comment. I do not believe what you wrote was to much, in fact it was just right. People on disabilities feel as though there is nothing for them to do except to live on meager monthly income to just get us by and sometimes not even that. A lot of those stuck on S.S.I. do not no what to do because we can not even work anymore. But I say unto those with disabilities You are not alone, we are here for you. Please come back for future updates.

  5. Mark Thompson Reply

    As a member of WA for one year today, I can attest that it is the best $.82/ day deal on the internet. From being a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, I now have 4 websites that are making me money while I sleep and am learning more every day. The world-wide reach of like-minded entrepreneurs who all help each other succeed is un-rivaled on the internet these days.
    I know the making money game very well, and Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. It is not a get rich scheme. That concept is a fantasy. It does not exist and anyone who promotes that BS is a scammer in every way.
    WA training + focus + hard work = success.

    Expat Mark

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Mark and thank you for your comment. I love when a member of WA come’s in and leaves a success story like yours. It not only reconfirms what I am saying but also gives those who are reading a glimpse into what they can look forward to in a one year span. To all my readers please remember three things. 1. Your success story will depend on what you put into it. 2. Set up a 1 year goal, a 3 year goal, and a 5 year goal for your business. 3. Never give up

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