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Well, I don’t know about you but I am tired of all these affiliate companies promising you the world, and not holding to their word unless you fork over thousands of dollars. So I decided to do a lot of research and find the very best of the best for my readers, friends, and family.

There was only one I found that not only held up to what it promised but also gave a lot more for a very low price. So here it is Affiliate Programs – The Best Of The Best. Let’s get right into it and see what makes this company stand above the rest.How+To+Build




Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk

Most if not all the companies before I found Wealthy Affiliate can talk the talk but can not walk the walk. What I mean by this is they are good at selling you on something, but once they have you sold most companies don’t’ follow through with all they promise.

Now if you show them you are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for the services they don’t want to give you but the bare minimum. Which means, basically nothing at all. Now really, how fair is that. I for one am fed up with those companies and in time they will be exposed.

Out of the 2 years that I have been searching for a company to teach me about my back office and how to get traffic, ranked and indexed in google, bing, and yahoo for free. To start making money online, to have my own business, and to be successful I never did find that one until now.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only company that not only talks the talk, but they walk the walk as well. They go beyond what they promise as long as you are willing to work hard to be successful. For only, you can do that for your self.

Just like this kid in the video, all companies can talk the talk but a lot can not walk the walk

So What Do Wealthy Affiliates Offer?

Here is a chart of what they offer. You can join for free and build 2 websites or become a member and build 50 websites. Plus with all that you learn you not only can build, manage, monetize, and host your website. But you will be able to do the same for businesses around your town, which is another way to make an income.




Is Building A Website Hard?

One might think that building a website is hard, for when I started this two years ago that’s what people kept telling me. The truth is that with all the technology advances over the years it is easy and fun to build a website from scratch. What the hardest part of a website is what to do with it after you build it.

If you don’t know anything about SEO’s, building relevant content, getting indexed and ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What about your analytics and webmaster tools. Without those tools, you will never know what is working and what is not. There are just a few things that these companies don’t want you to know unless you got a lot of money to spend. Let’s face it none of us has that kind of money they throw around and waste.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I pay $49 a month as a premium member and they have taught me all that I mentioned above and more. This site is the 2nd site that I have built and as a member I still have 48 left I can build. So right there just for $49 a month is a lot of revenue potential. The only other cost there is buying my URL’s between $13.99 and $16.99 and that price never goes up like most companies.Build+website



How Fast Can I Make Money?

Most companies will tell you that you can start seeing money in your account with-in days to a week. Well if a company ever tells you that then please turn around and RUN!!! You see there is no fast way to earn money online. It takes time, effort, and persistence.

Wealthy Affiliates will tell you that you probably won’t see an income for up to 3 months to a year. It takes time to create trust with the search engines and your followers. It also takes time to research and create content for your website so your readers understand what you are writing, and writing it in full detail.

Some do make money with-in their first month. Those are the people who have nothing but time on their hands and spend countless hours creating content and going through their training every day. At wealthy Affiliate you do what you can when you can, but know this to be successful you must be also dedicated to your training, researching, writing, and being there for your readers and the community. This will become a full-time job in the long run and you own it and you are the boss.WA+Money


The Best Of The Best:

You might be saying to yourself right now that this company sounds too good to be true. Well, let me tell you a little more about Wealthy Affiliate. This company was created in British Columbia, Canada, by two men name of Kyle and Carson. They started this company in 2005 to help people, like you and I get our own online business going.

As you can see, by the chart above these two men offer more then what they charge a month. I thought it was too good to be true until I started as a starter with them. Heck, you don’t even have to become a member to get 2 free websites. There is so much more to this company.

There is a community of thousands of people from around the world who belong to this program. I was shocked at how helpful the community is. Before Kyle or Carson can get back to anyone s questions, members of the community have already answered the question and that person is back on track and working on their site again. It is such a friendly place to be.

If you get 300 points or more in a calendar year, Kyle and Carson fly you to Las Vegas for a weekend Conference in February. How crazy is that? Instead of you saying you have to earn 300 points or more and they pay for everything. Flight, meals, and room. Now I started late October of this year 2019 and have 100 points. Not looking at going this year but next year you can bet I will be there.



===>Click Here To Join Best Of The Best<===

Time For The Wrap Up:

All in all, if you are looking to earn money online or a full-time job as your boss, then this is the program for you. Like I said even if you don’t become a member you still get 2 free websites. But in all honesty for the price of $49. A month you get a lot more than you pay for.

Try Wealthy Affiliates for 3 to 6 months and I bet you will not want to leave after that.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will reply as soon as possible



12 thoughts on “Affiliate Progams -The Best Of The Best

  1. Karen Reply

    That’s so true what you said about other companies charging so much. I gasp when I see what they want to charge. If I had a few thousand dollars to the layout I wouldn’t be looking for a way to make money. I also like how you are honest about how much time and work it takes to make money. I’m certainly not seeing that claim with these other affiliate marketing companies.

    Thank you for sharing this information. I’ll have to check Wealthy Affiliate out.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Karen, Let me assure you that you won’t regret your decision to try Wealthy Affiliates. In WA you can even look me up my user name is LoriM5 and I will be happy to assist you at anytime

  2. claudine Reply

    Hi, your website is so organized, from the site menus too, to your writing structure and very helpful, interesting content.

  3. Eco_Catherine Reply

    I couldn’t agree more!!! Wealthy Affiliates really is the ‘best of the best’. I am a fellow member of the community and somebody who had spent a lot of time searching for a way to successfully make money online (and failing). I was so happy to find Wealthy Affiliate and am confident in its theory and training. You just have to be prepared to put the work in. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Eco and thank you for your comment. I have tried and failed many times too. I think we all do. I am also happy about finding this site for all the lessons and great community I am more confident then ever in what I am doing. Please come again and check for new posts and reviews

  4. Roderick Massiah Reply

    I love how you walked me through the process of why WA is the best of the best. Most importantly, the fact that this is not a get rich quick scheme. The keys to success in WA is the powerful training lessons and the community’s help. I’m proud to be a member.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Roderick and thank you for your comment. I agree with you and can not tell you what being a member has done for me. Please come again for more posts in the future

  5. James Reply

    A great review and by far the best affiliate program I have ever joined. The tutorials, webinars and quality interactions with other WA members makes this a ‘must join’ program. It is however a great pity that a huge proportion of those who join Wealthy Affiliate miss out on the benefits provided because they are not prepared to spend sufficient time here to learn the basics, contained in the training, necessary for setting up and succeeding in a niche online business.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello James and thank you for you comment, I agree with you and wish people would understand that it is HARD WORK its just like a real job you commute to every day. But they don’t want to do that because they want the easy way, and I hate to burst there bubble but there is no easy path to take. Please come back for future up date.

  6. Eco_Catherine Reply

    Wealthy Affiliates does sound too good to be true for those who have not stumbled across them and given it a try. I did the free trial and that was it, I was sold and had every confidence that this could work.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      hello Eco_Catherine and thank you for your comment. I took the free trial and was amazed at what I was learning and doing. I have not looked back since. It is a wonderful program, and you get more than what you are paying for. Please come again for more updates and posts.

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