Debunking Niall Doherty’s Review – What Niall Doherty Did Not Tell You

Nial Doherty

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I was on YouTube the other day and I found some Wealthy Affiliate review videos, and I came across a review by this man that was extremely harsh. So Time To Debunk Niall Doherty’s Review – What Niall Doherty Didn’t Tell You. Hopefully, I am going to clarify all 7 things that Niall said in his review about Wealthy Affiliate, and all that he said will be debunked right here.


First – I Am A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate

My name is Lori Marick and I am a proud member of Wealthy LoriAffiliate I am a Premium Member and love every minute of it. I am from the state of Missouri in the United States of America. I have been a member since August 22nd of 2019. I am 47 years old and on disability. I am going back to school for my marketing management and Business management degree’s

I  have 3 grown wonderful boys and one grandson. I have a habit of adopting friends as my own family cause I closed the door to my family a long time ago. I came to WA to create a website to be able to get off S.S.I. And live carefreely. I understand very well that there is no such thing as get-rich-quick on the internet.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught that it will take time to see results. I have set a one year plan a three-year plan, and a five-year plan in motion and  I am going to sticking to it.


Who Is Niall Doherty?

Nial Doherty was born in 1982 and raised in South Kilkenny in Ireland. He graduated in 2007 from the Waterford Institute of technology. From 2007 to 2010 he worked as a web designer for Loyola University New Orleans. In 2010, he quit his job and became self-employed while traveling the world.

He says that for 44 months between 2011 and 2015 he traveled around the world without flying. Visiting 37 countries and crossing three oceans on a circumnavigation of the globe. He goes on to say that he has written two books and that over the years he has been a freelance web developer, project manager, coach, writer, blogger, author, online course creator, YouTuber, affiliate marketer, public speaker, and a virtual assistant.

All this info came from his website eBizfacts.comNial Doherty

Niall Doherty’s Review On Wealthy Affiliate

On August 30, 2019, Niall Doherty Posting a YouTube review on Wealthy Affiliate. That’s all good and well however, he neglected to tell you everything, so what you ended up hearing was not the whole story about the seven things he covered in his video. So hopefully, I am going to be able to debunk his review

Here is Niall Doherty’s video review on Wealthy Affiliates. I encourage you to watch this video till the end. I will be addressing, this video in my article. With all the half-truths and the lies.


Number 1 Of His Review:

Outdated training – I am not going to lie to you, the training could use an update, and guess what, the owners are aware of this and they are working on it. Some core training has been updated.  I am a member of WA and have been told by Kyle himself that the core training is being updated. However, What Niall neglected to tell all of you is that there are updated lessons in the 13 classrooms.

Here at WA, there are thousands of training lessons. Yes, some Jay does though live webinars, and some members also do training videos Because of this the training is up to date. Niall told everyone he was a member for two weeks and took the certification class and the Boot camp training class a total of 120 lessons. But what did he mentioned is the updated lessons in the classrooms. In the training, we are told about these classrooms many times, but he deliberately left that detail out.


Newly Updated Training

Number 2 Of His Review:

Outdated credibility – Let’s start with Jay, shall we? As for giving you a screenshot of his private stuff, for you to show on your site without his knowledge is unethical. You did not tell him who you are and what you are going to do with it. Unless he wishes to post it, that is his private and personal stuff. If you are to ask me for that info, I would have reported you as a scammer or a thief.

No law in this world says he had to hand over his private stuff to a stranger just because you wanted it. I urge people not to turn over their stuff to a perfect stranger just because they don’t believe your credibility.

As for Kyle, I am a member of WA and have found no lie in what Kyle has told me and taught me, For I have already seen results, and made my first commission, within building my website 4 days prior. So I know for a fact I got a little income coming in next month, it may not be much right now but it will grow.

I am a member of WA and have personally sent him a few PMs and he has responded with encouragement. I am a member of WA and have also spoken with him in Live chat where he does spend time in there answering everyone questions as well.


Number 3 of His Review:

Misleading claims – Now the first highlighted area Kyle states that “you can promote products services and generate $$$.

This is true for I have made my first commission this week and within my first 4 days of building my site.



As for the second highlighted area: If you read it carefully you will understand what Kyle is talking about. The VERY FIRST LINE SAYS Your website is the “FOUNDATION of your business”. As for it being set up in 30 seconds fully operational, profit ready, WordPress website up and running. That is true I was up and running in 30 seconds.

What Naill did not say was it was explained in the lessons that You will have a fully operational which means the entire back office is set up and ready to be built. As for being profit ready, Yes it is profit ready. The problem is no one knows how to run a back office and make it profitable so that’s why Kyle spent all those hours making those training videos to train us so that we can learn and become profitable. And yes it is a WordPress website.

Now he shows you this clip right after, so take a good look and read what this person wrote and I will see you at the bottom of the picture.



Marcus1978 states that building a website in 30 is nonsense. He goes on to say that building a website to most people means a fully functioning website with content and everything, but that’s not what you get after 30 seconds. You have an empty shell of a website that still needs filling with stuff.

Here is a video that will explain the process of what affiliate marketing is. Now, this is Video number 2 in the starting training series that you watch. Please watch this video and listen carefully to what he is saying when he explains how affiliate marketing works. The article above will be debunked when Kyle starts talking about your website.


Wealthy Affiliate lesson 2

Now, where does he ever say in this video or any other video that the site is fully loaded with content or products? He says and I quote that is where you will be creating content. Not that content is already there loaded for you. Now, this is a business you build from scratch. Not a pre-built site you can just jump on and go. Please keep in mind that this video is lesson 2 of the core training.

It is not until lesson 4 that you build the site itself. Which are two lessons after Kyle explains the process of affiliate marketing and states that you will be creating the content?

In this next picture is an example of what you could be making even with just one targeted area, but again the video goes fast and your eyes are fixed on the highlighted area so that you do not have a chance to read the rest or knowledge to understand what Kyle was talking about. Remember earlier I said that people make their websites to broad. At this point in the lesson was discussed that you could scale business with one targeted area. So I encourage you to read the whole thing.



Now as for me I am a member of WA and have chosen a niche that has tons of avenues that a person can do.  I have chosen to promote WA, along with these areas, business and product reviews and whether they are legit or scams, Helpful content that will help families, kids, and the working, class, and that includes content on useful tools. I even once in a while will contact my local PD office and speak with an officer on what popular scams are going on that people need to be aware of, and what to do about them.

I find what Kyle has written is a true statement. If you work hard, put in the effort it will happen.

Number 4 On His Review:

Bad Advice – Kyle does tell many times that there is no such thing as a bad niche, and that is true, However, Niall Doherty states that there are many people here in WA that have picked the wrong niche, well that is not true. Let me explain why people feel as though they fail in their niche,

1) They are too broad with their niche with their initial start-up. Take for example health. There are so many areas in health, such as health products, medical equipment, insurance, health care products, diet products, skincare, heart care, vitamins, exercise equipment, vision, dental, cancer, and the list just keeps ongoing.

Most of the time when someone chooses a niche like health they keep it as a broad website. These types of websites never work. People don’t want to search through tons of posts and reviews just to get to the one they want. If someone comes in and can not find what they are after within 2 minutes then they are more than likely going to leave.

Now you can tell these people who are making their website over and over to narrow the field that they are in to make it easier for your readers when they come in. Now Kyle makes this point throughout many training videos and even shows you and still, people will go and make it a broad site. There are many sites that I have gone onto to help WA members only to find it is a broad site. No matter what I say to them they don’t take action to fix it.

2) Some will come on and create a site that is good but then expect that is all they have to do and do not maintain their websites. Kyle says many times in many videos to go back to previous content and update them, along with adding new. Most of the time people will build a site to do the work at first then stop. It is easier to blame the owners for there failures so they don’t have to feel like it was there fault. Sorry people but YOU and you alone are responsible for what happens with your site.

Niall goes on to say, that what Kyle wrote is bad advice, please look at the picture below



Because the video goes so fast it does not let you read the rest of what it says, It goes on to say that These include anyone here at Wealthy Affiliate that has been following our training for any length of time. It goes on to say, So if you follow through the core training here and build out your business based on the principles here at WA, you are going to establish and strong and very much long term relationship with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which subsequently will lead to a long term and lucrative business online. This statement is 100% true and not bag advice.

As for this thing with heading tags and Kyle mentioning it several times throughout the core training. I for one am happy he does. Look we are building a business and a brand that most people have never done. Just like when you are in school, repetition works when learning something new.


Number 5 On His Review:

Missing crucial info – Now Niall goes on to say a lot is missing from the core training and provides a list of what he says is missing. We are always encouraged to use all 13 classrooms with thousands of other training materials. The core training is designed for the most crucial parts of setting up a business. This list he provides on his video, and the one below this paragraph are important but not as important then what is already in the core training.



Number 6 On His Review:

Disorganized Training – Niall goes on talking about how the training is disorganized and he even says that it leads him to believe that these videos are done half hazard. Then begins to talk about the 46th lesson on the 5th lesson is where you are taught how to plan out you write articles for your website. This is not true for I remember a lesson that teaches us how to write content and which template to use.

You can refer back to the video if you would like but here are two still pictures. The first was the one Niall talks about and the second one is a still picture that I just took. Now if you look at the top of both pictures you will see that they are in fact from the same course, but the picture that I took is where you are taught how to create and write your content. The lesson is in Lesson 2 courses 3. Niall says it’s not till the 46the lesson, Now in all honesty, who are you going to believe? The proof is right there. Feel free to compare them.





Niall than goes on to talk about Google ad send and about in one lesson you are told to ad google ad send and in the very next lesson you are told not to use google ad send. Well if you look closely at that statement, it is a question and a suggestion. We are not discouraged from using google ad send.

Number 7 On His Review:

I am not going to say much about the ranking system in WA because there is nothing wrong with the system. You earn your rank for helping your community, posting quality blogs and training for other members to see. It is a great system and sets you involved in the community.

Well, you would think that Niall would stop there, but not quite yet. He then decided to take a cheap shot at a member of WA. Without telling the whole story behind this, Who was affected by the July google update. When I contacted her through WA, she was shocked to find that this happened and so I gave her the link to the video. After she watched the video she contacted me and said she left a comment on his video  And this is what she said to him, I don’t think  I have to say anything else about this.



The last thing he talks about is taking breaks. After writing every day and for a month you need to take a break from your training to get things to straighten up on your site. Kyle said to take a break from training this is true but, what people don’t see because of the way he did his video and the blue highlighted areas you don’t see what’s underneath taking the break, and that is all he wants you to see. Here is a screenshot. Look and you will see what I mean.

During the breaks, you are supposed to continue with your site and continue to put in action what you have learned. It is good to take a break from training for a bit and just concentrate on our sites. At least Kyle and Carson care about us enough to not overwhelm us to the point we give up.



OK, there you have it. In this article, I have not only proved that Niall Doherty is a liar about this review in all 7 aspects of his complaints, but I have provided the proof for it. As for Niall Doherty’s video review, I now call it


Time For The Wrap Up

So tell me in the comments below what you think of this article. Was it helpful for me to help you to debunk someone who goes around reviewing companies on YouTube? Do you have the time to search out the info needed to know if that person is trustworthy or not?

Also, do not forget to share this post on your social media sites so that the world will know of the OFFICIAL DEBUNK.

Please let me know in the comment box below and I will soon decide if I should also add this as part of my services. Please let me know if you would like to see more TRUTH or DEBUNKED.  As always Thank You

Lori Marick

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28 thoughts on “Debunking Niall Doherty’s Review – What Niall Doherty Did Not Tell You

  1. Kat Reply

    What an awesome debunking! I think you’ve covered all of Nial’s misinformation here highlighting and correcting what he has conveniently left out. Well done and thank you. I guess there is the possibility of differences in opinion, however, when it’s based on misinformation and omitting relevant info this makes it unpleasant to see something that’s inaccurate. Thank you so much for clearing up his misleading review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Kat, and thank you for your comment. I actually went to his video and post a notice that his video has been officially debunked and to please take it down. Come back for more updates.

  2. Thabo Reply

    You are awsome I loved reading this review.
    People like Niel are the ones who are trying to get people into their email list jsut saw people can go to them instead of Wealthy Affiliate.
    He knows that when all these people review they will go to him instead of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I am a person who has been with Wealthy affiliate about a year and I am seeing results like you too. I am not saying all his information is wrong but he is misleading people.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Thabo and thank you for your comment, I get so tired of what people will do just to get e-mails. They don’t care who they hurt and that’s one of the things I want to help stop. Please come back again to see any future updates.

  3. Ian Tyson Reply

    Lori I am sorry but I have to ask who I am more likely to believe Niall who has been making a living on line for a number of years and has masses of online experience or yourself who joined WA in October 2019 and has not yet made any money online, aside from a commission you made from a friend.

    I was once like you, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in April 2016 and thought initially it was the best thing ever. Like you I was immediately sucked into the relentless positivity, but the longer I spent there the more I realised it wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

    You review hasn’t really debunked anything Niall has said,

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Ian, and thank you for your comment. Clearly your have not read my about Lori page yet or you would know who I am. Yes he has made a lot of money and soon I will be too. Yes it was a friend of mine who joined after watching me build this site and reading my articles over the weekend 9 days ago. Ask her she will tell you it was my articles. This is my second site. My first site I don’t really deal with that one right now.
      2 weeks Niall was here watching videos. What else did he do here, nothing. While in 9 days I built got ranked and index and made a commission. You say you were a member here in April of 2016, bet you didn’t even stay 3 months. You should come back and this time stay a year and put effort into it. I will even help you. You just came here to write a bad comment because someone ousted your Idol. Sorry to bust your bubble but someone had to take a stand against his half truths and lies. Please come again for future updates.

  4. Catherine Reply

    Sad how some people knock things they have never tried. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate’s for thirteen years and some of the best marketers out there started on this platform

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Catherine. and thank you for your comment. I know he was here for only two weeks and he thinks he is an expert. Congrats on your success can’t wait till I am right there with you Please come again for more updates

    • Hazel Reply

      Curious to know about your result, Catherine.

      Since you have been a WA member for 13 years, I believe you have built one or more successful affiliate websites ever since? That should be the biggest motivator to keep you staying with this community for so long!

      Would you mind to share with us how much on average you make per month from those sites? Or how much traffic you have got for your site(s) by applying WA’s strategies and techniques. This will serve as a great motivator for the rest of us.


      • Lori Marick Post authorReply

        Hello Hazel, and thank you for your comment. I will post your words here but it is up to each and every member here whether or not they comment back. I asl that you only submit one question to a member if they answer then great if they do not then please leave it at that ok. Now I have a question for you are you a member of WA?

  5. Christina Reply

    You did a great job, Lori! I think it’s too hard for him to get the full picture when he was only with WA for 2 weeks. There’s much more going on behind the scenes than just what he pointed out in his video.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Christina and thank you for your comment. Not only that but he admits not knowing a lot about being a affiliate marketer in his video, so What makes him think he can review a affiliate marketing business. Please come back for future updates.

  6. Karen Reply

    Wow! What a great write-up debunking Niall Doherty’s review of Wealthy Affiliate. I remember running across him when researching Wealthy Affiliate, but took him with a grain of salt because I could see through his one-sided review. Nowhere in Wealthy Affiliate will anyone see that anything is handed to you on a silver platter. As a matter of fact, we should run from those claims. As with any business, there are learning curves and hard work and results don’t come overnight. Ask anyone who has a brick-and-mortar store or online business.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      hello Karen, and you are right success don’t come over night. It takes a lot of work to be as you say a brick-and=mortar store. Thank you and Hope you come back for more updates soon.

  7. Kristina Reply

    I’m glad to see you got everything together and pieced it all together wonderfully. You did an excellent job of not only telling what all he got wrong and why but showing it as well. Well done 🙂

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Kristina, and thank you for your comment. It took some doing but it all came together in the end. Thank you and please come again to see more updates soon.

  8. Cathy Reply

    SAVAGE!! I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I could list its problems here. It would be a very short list, though. Not enough for me to even consider not using WA! Some people are touchy over the thinnest little criticism, but you really rebutted a true slander! Way to go! Wealthy Affiliate isn’t perfect, but it is truly worth the money – every cent!!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Cathy, and thank you your comment. I agree with you on all you said. No system is perfect, same goes with WA. But they are tiny compared to what was said in the video. Please come again for future posts.

  9. Eric Reply

    What a well-thought out review of the individual’s review of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree it is misleading and left out a couple of important facts you pointed out.

    As a member of WA myself, I can attest that your debunking of Neil is accurate and spot on. Great read- keep debunking these myths and stick to the truth.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Eric and thank you for your comment. Trust me I will not stop the Truth Or Debunk section of my site. Please come again for more updates

  10. Joseph William Stasaitis Reply

    Very good job on putting the facts straight. Much appreciated. Poor reviews such as his can-do many people a disservice by keeping them from experiencing such a great online training platform such as WA.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Joseph, and thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more, and that is why I started Truth or Debunk on my site and will be doing more of these posts in the near future. I believe that if you can’t do a two-sided review, tell the whole truth, and not make up lies, Then you should not have a review at all online.
      A review is so that you stay partial to the product or company, and place pro’s and con’s in the content. When doing a review tell the whole truth not the half-truth, and do not flat of lie or slander a company or an owner in any way.
      People are looking for the truth and not a bunch of lies and made up stories when researching a product or company. Please come again for future posts.

  11. Norman Reply

    This guy does not know what he is talking about. Wealthy Affiliate has proven that they have a system that works and if you follow the training you can have online success. This guy needs to come again because it is clear that he is not telling the truth about Wealth Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT with a system that WORKS!!!!! thank so much for sharing.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Norman and thank you for your comment. The only reason he came here was to get information, pictures and voice recordings. He wants this company to look bad so that people will trust him, go to his, site, and take his training courses. It is a cheap shot at getting emails to grow his list. There is more to come on Niall Doherty I assure an of this, for I am not done with my DENKING project. Please come back for more future up dates.

  12. Catherine Reply

    Hi Lori!

    Thank you for sharing this informative post!

    I like the way you took Niall Doherty’s Review On Wealthy Affiliate and wrote all the missing info he forgot to tell.
    There are a lot of negative people out there and you have to be very careful of who you believe.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate and have learned so much from it. I will continue using it in the future.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Catherine and thank you for your comment. There are too many people out there like Naill Doherty and they are very convincing. It is hard to know these days who to trust and who not to, That’s why I am on this mission of truth or debunk. please come again for future updates

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