Jaaxy And Keywords -When, Why, And How To Use Jaaxy

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Jaaxy is the Number One Tool to use when searching keywords for content. And you can get started for free

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a program used to search and save keywords that you use within the content of your posts or reviews. By using the Jaaxy Jaaxykeyword search and saving your findings to a list, there is a better chance you’re going to get ranked and index into the search engines quicker.

Every time you write a post or a review the search engines look for keywords in your title and your content. Once the keywords that you saved have been found the search engines then look at the quality of your content. Now Google, Bing, and yahoo do not like it when you stuff your content full of keywords, so keep it nice and neat and clean.

What Do You Get With Jaaxy?

As a starter, you get thirty free searches. You are trying the product before you buy it. When You buy your Jaaxy it then becomes unlimited. But you are getting a lot more as well. With Jaaxy you get your keyword searches, but also

  1. Site Rank – Where you can enter a keyword and see where you rank on the search engines.Affiliate
  2. Affiliate Program – You can promote Jaaxy to earn additional income upon your website.
  3. Alphabet Soup – If you are stuck and don’t know what keywords to search. Use the alphabet soup page and it will help you chose some keywords.
  4. Save Your List – When you do keyword searches, you will want to save your words. You can find them in save your list section.
  5. Search History – Whenever you are looking for an ideal to write more content. Always make sure to look bake in your search history to see what you find there. You never know you just might find many keywords you can write about that you had forgotten.
  6. Search Analysis – When you enter a keyword in this section it will give you websites you can check out for ideas for posts and reviews,
  7. Brainstorm – You can create a brainstorm queue inside this section and refer back to it at any time you need ideas.Brainstorm

Jaaxy also has a help button and inside this section, you will find Three Downloadable contents for you to read at your leisure:

  1. Bonus 1. 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords
  2. Bonus 2. Niches, Keywords, Success
  3. Bonus 3. Domain Industry Secrets

There are also four must-watch videos

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Management
  2. Jaaxy Website Analysis
  3. Niches Research Refinement
  4. The Affiliate Program Walk Through


When To Use Jaaxy?

I use Jaaxy every time I start a new research project for my post and reviews. This program is the very first thing I start with so I know what keywords I will be targeting. I would say to all those who have Jaaxy and are going to get Jaaxy to make it the first thing you use before doing anything else when creating new content.

Why Use Jaaxy And Not another Program?

To me and thousands that already use Jaaxy will tell you that no other program can compare itself to this one program. The quality and performance are hands down the Best of the Best compared to any others.

As a member of the Affiliate program that I belong to I get to use Jaaxy for free. I still have the option to buy into this program like you to get the unlimited edition. How is this possible, the company I am with has incorporated Jaaxy into there programming so it cost me nothing? If you would like more detail about the Affiliate program I am in. I will leave a link at the end of this section to a complete review I did on the company.

===> If You Want To See Complete Review On My Affiliate Program Click Here Now <===

How To Use Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is simple to use and pretty much self-explanatory. You just put in a keyword and off you go. It will show you how many people are searching and where they are searching, This is important to know because you do not want to target a keyword no one is searching,

If you would like to try Jaxxy for free I urge you to click the link below or place a keyword in the Jaaxy search box at the top of the page and try it for free today. What do you get to lose, You get to try for free.

===> To Get Your Free Trial Of Jaaxy Click Here <==

Time For The Wrap Up:

Content goes here. I hope you have enjoyed this content and found it informational to you. If you have any questions or comments please place them in the comment box below and I will reply in a timely matter. As always Thank You.

Lori Marick

Why Wealthy Affiliates


20 thoughts on “Jaaxy And Keywords -When, Why, And How To Use Jaaxy

  1. Lee Reply

    Great review on Jaxxy Lori. I use Jaxxy for my searches and it is serving me brilliantly but I must say, I am on the free version at the moment but the features you get when you subscribe looks even better!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Lee and thank you for your comments. I do understand and people are entitled to their opinions my friend. Please come back for future updates.

  2. Cathy Reply

    It sure sounds like Jaaxy is the best way to determine how well your article or post will do in the search engines. What an invaluable tool! Thank you for sharing this and keep up the good work!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Cathy and thank you for you comment. It is the power tool no website should be without. Please come again for future updates

  3. Lena Reply

    I also use Jaaxy as my keyword searching tool. I like its brainstorm function. It provides me many keyword ideas.:)

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Lena and thank you for your comment. The brainstorm function is on of my favorite sections cause I always am able to come up with new ideal for content. Please come again for future posts

  4. Asen Reply

    That’s a great article on how to use Jaaxy. I use this tool since the beginning of my affiliate marketing journey and I totally love it. It’s super user friendly and accurate. My only concern is that’s a bit expensive. Still, it’s totally worth it!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Asen and thank you for your comment. You don’t have to buy it you can always use it for free. I have decided that when I start making money I will be upgrading just because all the searches and site rankings will be unlimited; Please come back for more updates in the future.

  5. Thabo Reply

    Thank you for this post.

    I have been using Jaxxy for more that 2 years and I can safely say that this keyword research keyword tool is the best in the market and if you put in effort it will really pay for your posts.
    I can attest to this. However I didn’t know about alphabet soup. I will have to check it out.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Thabo and Thank You for your comment. LOL isn’t funny how we can use a product for a long time and not know everything about it. Please come again for future updates.

  6. Ivan Reply

    Awesome tool. I tried many other tools, such as MOZ Keyword Explorer, SEMRush, LongTailPro, and KWFinder. All of them are good, but Jaaxy is the best one, in my opinion. It has helped me to rank so many contents on top SERP that I can’t express my gratitude for finding this simple yet powerful keyword research tool. I like your breakdown. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dereck Reply

    Great post, Jaxxy is one of the most important tools that I’ve used in the past year. Like you, it’s the first thing I use to begin researching a topic before I begin writing. I really enjoy the list feature and utilize the search analysis tool, those are of the upmost importance for conducting proper SEO. Thanks for sharing your information!

  8. Geri Reply

    Where would I be without Jaaxy? It is such a great tool for content writing and should be utilized to its fullest extent.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Geri and thanks for the comment. I would be lost without my Jaaxy and would not get far lol. I agree with you fully. Please come back for future updates.

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