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My journey begins about two years ago when I decided I had enough of being on low income and wanted my own business. S this is my story of Making Money Online – The start of my journey.

I started with Shopify, $34 a month and I could sell anything I wanted. I chose fishing as my niche. And had over 400 products online with-in 5 days. I bought my URL from Go Daddy for $19.99. Boy was I excited to have my own website and business. I had lots of traffic too.

So what was the problem? No one was buying. That was the problem.Confused


Shopify Only Works If You Have Money To Spend:

No one ever told me that Shopify owners need at least a $10,000.00 investment to make it go and even then it is no guarantee you will make any money. The gurus that Shopify has only wanted to help you now if you pay then to. And all the while Shopify collects its monthly fee from you.

People said they liked my site but they would buy from Amazon instead. I didn’t know about writing content nor getting ranked or indexed. Shopify guru’s always told me I had to have money to do that’ What a bunch of lies cause you can do all that for FREE.

Go Daddy is just as bad for when it comes time to renew your URL, they jack the price up on you every year. After only making 2 sales and struggling for a year and a half to make my website go I gave up to find something better. At least I gave it a good try.

This video is my tribute to those company’s who want my money.


Buying A Website

The next thing I tried is buying a website. It cost me $297.00 and by the end of a week and a half without getting a phone call from this company I called them. To my surprise, their phone was disconnected, what kind of business was this that I got myself into. So I called their headquarters, explain to them everything that happened; and got my money back.

The next website I bought was $292.00, and when I got my website it only had three products on it. With-in the two weeks that I had this website, I had so many tech problems that I told them to cancel my website and give me my money back. They told me they were not going to give me my money back and I said fine I will just go to all the social media sites and tell them what their company did to me. LOL By the time I woke up the next morning, my money was back in my account.

Buying these websites was the were a thing I could have ever done for not only did two different company’s try to screw me over, but they are expensive and you don’t get what you want. You get what they give you and nothing more than that.

These monkeys are like the company’s, they know just who and when to move in.

E-Mails And Phone Calls

Over the last past 2 years, I have had SO MANY phone calls and e-mails from people wanting me to sign up and start a business through them. The most popular one is the cash machine. Which is a total SCAM? Not even my bank will transfer money to those types of so-called get-rich-quick scams.

These phone calls and e-mails are enough to drive a person mad and pull their hair out. Or worse yet check themselves into the loony bin just to get away from them.

I have researched and research company after company and almost gave up and accepted my place in this world as being on low income for the rest of my life. That was till I came across Wealthy Affiliates. At first, I thought it was another scam. Boy was I ever wrong. This was my saving grace.


How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam:

The look, vibe, and feel as soon as you enter is so different than any other website I have ever seen before. There is a whole community of thousands of people from all around the world you can speak to at any given time.

As a member, your monthly nor your yearly membership goes up for whichever you chose. The URL prices are locked in between $13,99 and $16,99 a year. And even if you don’t become a member you still get 2 free websites and many tools to help you succeed.

For almost two years now I have tried to find a way to run a back-office and do ads for free because of my limited income. I have begged and pleaded with the company’s to help me, but unless I had money to spend they would not help. I knew nothing about SEO’s and what plugins to use. Lucky for me I found Wealthy Affiliates that teaches all that and much more.

Thanks to this company I will be opening my own media company soon to where I will be building websites, managing, monetizing, and hosting them. I will also have my own sites running as well and hope to hire employee’s within the year, $49 a month for a membership that has changed my life forever is all the proof I need to know this is not a scam.

I have dedicated myself to bring you quality reviews on company’s and scam alerts so that you don’t fall into the many traps that I fell into as well as starting my own company’sUncover


My Tester Site:

The first URL I purchased was for my tester website. I wanted to see for myself if they meant what they said. So began my journey into Wealthy Affiliates. I was shocked at how easy it was and the way they broke everything down into small training sections made it super simple to learn. For 2 years I struggled and here is a company who is not afraid to answer my question or train me just because I don’t have money,

Go to www.allmightygamers, com to see my tester site.

Because I am on S.S. I and can spend hours on the computer I had the time to go through all the training to creating your own website and monetizing it. By the 2nd day, I got ranked on google, bing, and yahoo. On the 4th day, I was indexed. I know I was making money through my affiliate because a couple of my friends liked some of my reviews and told me they bought through my sight. 86 comments and finished the training in 12 days.

Now since then, I decided to un-monetize my website until I can find a better affiliate that pays more than 6% but all my content is still there at www.allmightygamers, com. Feel free to see my tester website for yourself. Hopefully, I will monetize it again but I am not passionate about that website as I am about this one.

I feel as though my calling is to help people like me so they are not scammed by writing reviews and also writing content that will help people who are starting an online business, and even those who already have one,

===>Want To See What All The Fuse Is About Then Click Here<===

Time For The Wrap Up:

There is no such thing as get-rich-quick online. If someone online tells you that please turn around and RUN and if you see a website claiming to get-rich-quick. It is a SCAM. It takes work, persistence, and dedication. Do you get what it takes? Then let me show you the way to your new future, and be the first to say WELCOME.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will reply as soon as I can. As always Thank you.

Lori Marick

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14 thoughts on “Making Money Online – The Start Of My Journey

  1. Eco_Catherine Reply

    Great article. As a member f the Wealthy Affiliate community, I can confirm that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and it is also not a scam. Great article!

  2. suzanne Reply

    Hi Lori,
    I really appreciate you sharing your story. There are so many others who’ve gone through what you have, and many just quit from frustration.
    Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is very accurate. As a member myself, they are the one “safe” place to learn how to succeed online.
    I’m always amazed at all you get for the low annual cost. You can pay monthly, but you save so much if you pay annually.
    And their price never goes up. It hasn’t in 15 years!! That’s just wild, lol.
    Thanks again Lori,

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Suzanne and thank you for the comment. It is wild how this company choses not to gouge out members and still give them more then what they pay in. Please come back for more updates.

  3. Kristina Reply

    Thank you for telling HOW other places work to part you from your money and then give no help at all unless you have even more money to hand out. Those “get rich quick” scams sure know what to say to reel you in but then never actually deliver, I guess it’s getting rich quick for them.

    I know how it is with the hundreds of emails daily too, I recently tried the “Survey” method and can never get paid because I’m also disqualified from a survey before the end (usually after spending 5 minutes or more on it) then I get like 20 emails a day for New Surveys all of which I can never get all the way through.

    You are right there is an air of trust in Wealthy Affiliate unlike those others where you just have this feeling picking at the back of your mind that they are not legitimate.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Kristina and thank you for your comment, Trust is a big factor when joining a group or community and if it is not there then you should turn around and run. Please come again for new updates soon.

  4. Katy Reply

    LOVE your article!! It’s nice to see a comparison between the options of creating a website. I will be trying out Wealthy Affiliate, as I’ve heard great things from others as well. Thanks again!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Katy and thank You for your comment. First, let me say that I look forward to seeing you on the inside and you will just love it there. Most companies just focus on them and no one else but I feel as though if a person is going to trust you give them options to and by telling them about what has happened to me is a way to do that. The pros and cons. Please come back for new updates soon.

  5. EdsonN Reply

    Great article. As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I can confirm that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and it is also not a scam. Great article!”

    Great work, good luck with the future ahead!!!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi EdsonN, and thank you for your comment. I love Wealthy Affiliate and recommend it to everyone. I would not be here if it was a scam. Please come back for more updates soon.

  6. Larisa Maxwell Reply

    Hi, I really liked this article and I am glad to say that I was in the same boat as you and have joined WA myself, it a great place to be with all the help you could ever need its awesome.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Larisa, and thank you for your comment. You will find that many people in WA have been in a boat like mine. But when you get inside all that goes away and becomes a family and trusted company you can depend on.

  7. Anita Reply

    Hi Lori, Your experience was heartbreaking and I man so happily that you and I have found the training that we need. Your correct this feeling on WA is like no other. I’ve never been scammed but I’ve read some information that turned me off and I went about my way. WA is the place to be. I enjoyed your article and look forward to getting to know you better. Thank you for the help that you gave me today and I wish you blessings.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Anita and thank you for your comment. You know it is through my experience that I am able to relate to how people feel and how to best help them in there quest for a good company. The feel inside Wealthy Affiliate is so welcoming and friendly that it is like one large family. I look forward to speaking with you again and seeing you on the inside.

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