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Today’s technologies have advanced so much over the past fifty years that it is enough to make your head spin. With this, all this new tech comes many new problems as well. The problem I see is our kids are spending way too much time online texting, social media, and gaming. What if I was to tell you that there is something we as parents can do about this. It is called NEW APPROACH – TECH AND KIDS – SHOULD HAVE A ONLINE BUSINESS.

Technology In Today’s World:

Over the past fifty years, we have become more and more technological-based word. You can not go anywhere in this world where there is not a tech device. We as a society are becoming more and more dependent on our tech devices for almost everything today

There are so may Apps today for just about everything that everything we do in life is posted online and shared with billions of people all over the world. Our lives no longer belong to us but to the entire population instead. If you stop to think about it sometimes it can seem very scary but it is also a very good thing. You can also use tech to your advantage. I will explain more here in a bit.

Too Much Time Texting And Gaming:

It seems anymore that when kids get home from school they are on the phones texting, or their social media sites, and even on a game system faster than ever before, It is so hard these days to get kids to go play outside like we as adults used to do, It seems as though our kids are allergic to fresh air and sunshine.

Many kids and teens spend so much time on these devices that they forget to do their homework, and their grades start to suffer. They neglect their chores and responsibilities. Which leads to arguments and fights within the family. They even talk to people they do not know and do not tell you about. You never know if they are talking to pedophiles or not.

Getting Into Too Much Trouble:

Technology can cause a lot of trouble online such as scams, hackers, and online theft. But When it comes to kids and teens it can cause a lot of problems. Kids are creative in today’s world. And with tech, they don’t always make the right choices. Some use their sites to bully others and bash them online. Others make treating phone calls.

About three years ago I got around eight text messages from someone I didn’t know. The jest of the messages was that I was going to die and he was satin. I called the police and they took pictures of every text message and took my statement. They told me to call if anything else happens.

I put the word out on my social media and told people what happened. By late afternoon I got a call from a parent wanting to know what is going on and why I had here 12-year-old sons’ number splashed on my Facebook page. I told her I would take it down after she and her son either talk to me or deals with the cops for the threats he made

At first, she was shocked he did this for there was no evidence on his phone so I sent her a screenshot of every text he made. By then, she was one pissed off mom. The kid not only got spanked but grounded, and his phone taken away. I decided since mom is dealing with it I would not press any charges against the kid. I deleted my Facebook text like I told the mom I would. In this case, social media helped to track down and stop it from happening to someone else.

This video show’s what a kid goes through from being handcuffed to processed as a juvenile. I suggest you watch with your kids. This video can also be used as a great teaching tool.

Take A New Approach With Tech And Kids:

It can seem as though tech is a big problem in a family lifestyle when it comes to kids and tech. So instead of grounding, yelling, and throwing out the tech take a new approach to it instead. Let the children create a business online.

I know you are probably saying WHAT, WAIT, WHY, NO, and so on and so on. Please let me explain. Tech may have its downside but it also has it’s upside too. Now, if your kids start a business then they are learning instead of getting into trouble. Please continue to read and more will be explained.

How Old Should My Children Be to Own Their Own Business?

Some people would say that a good age is 12, but with an online business there is a lot of content that needs to be created so I would say to start would be 14. At this age, kids can research the content in which they will be creating a post or review. They will also be able to understand all the training that comes from owning a business online. There are some kids online who are 8,9, and 10 years old and succeeding with their businesses.

Benefits Of Having Their Own Business

  1. New Learning Skills – Through their training they will learn all about S.E.O., Content, research, keywords, affiliates, plugins, themes, indexing, ranking, analytics, and so much more.
  2. Life Skills That Will Be Needed For Real-life – The skills in which they learn now will help them in the future as our world becomes more and more technology depended.
  3. New Study Habits – To be successful in business you must take on new habits and one of those habits is studying and listening skills.
  4. Be Able To Save For Collage – In a year they should be getting monthly income from there affiliate. They could start saving for college, so they can be proud that they paid their way.
  5. Become A Leader In Today’s Society – To have a successful business even online you have to become a leader so that when you go out in the real world you are ready for that leadership role.
  6. Become A Teacher – You will find that over time your child will begin to teach you, family, and friends all that he or she know’s which makes them a teacher.
  7. Better Attitude – Over the course of time and learning new things in the business you will find that the attitudes will improve as they get more and more involved in it.
  8. Better Grades In School – As for school with the new learning habits, they have learned you will see their grades improve.
  9. Will Become More Responsible – They will begin to take on more and more responsibilities.
  10. Learn How Manage Money – It is a great opportunity to teach them how to manage money as well
  11. Looks Good On A College Application – A well managed and successful business looks really good on a college application.

How Can You Help Your Kids Succeed:

  1. Helping Them To Manage Their Money – Helping them to understand and manage money is not only the best way to help them move forward in time but also spend more time with them.
  2. Help Teach Them New Skill For The Real World – It won’t be long before they are out in the real world and you now have the opportunity to help them to learn the skills they need, that the schools don’t teach.
  3. Help Your Kid Find A Answer To A Question If Stuck – If your kid is stuck they will ask you for help and it is an excellent way to spend time together and learn something new.
  4. Be There For Support – During the first year, your child will need you for encouragement, someone to listen to them, celebrate with them and even help them re due what didn’t work the first time.
  5. Help Your Child Celebrate Small A Big Accomplishment – Celebrate accomplishments big and small by doing something with your child. Such as Cook a Favorite meal together or go for ice cream, but just make sure you celebrate every milestone.
  6. Help Your Kids To Be Creative Thinkers – In affiliate marketing you need to be creative so use your imagination to think of new ideas and content for the website.
  7. Help Your Kids Set Reasonable And Reachable Goals – Always set short and long term goals that are reasonable. When one goal is reached then celebrate and set a new one.

What Draw Backs Are There?

For what I can see is there are not many drawbacks to this. One that might be a problem is a lot of kids believe you can get-rich-quick online. Well, I hate to burst their bubbles but there is no such thing, The people who are making money online and is a steady income for them, have worked for a year to even start seeing good money coming in each month.

Your kids might after three to six months want to quit because they are not yet seeing results. The one thing kids need to understand is it takes time, persistence, and hard work on there part. Within a year the will if they follow the training they are given to the letter then they will succeed and see the rewards come in within a year.

The last drawback I see if you don’t stay up to days on your child’s business, your kid could end up in some deep waters. So I encourage parents to be involved from day one. This means checking all content before it is posted to the website, helping to respond to e-mails and comments, and so on and so on.

Who Can Help My Child Succeed Online?

There are many companies out there today. Some are legit and some are scams. That’s why I and other research companies and to do reviews along with informational content like this post is. I have had run around with some scammers and shady legit businesses.

So far the best website I found is the one I am a member with and that is Wealthy Affiliate. I have done a complete review of this company and at the end of this section, I will leave you the link to that page. This company was created almost 15 years ago and they have never increased their price to be a member. A lot of companies have different levels of memberships. Which means more and more up sell’s to reach the top one.

This company has one price for a membership that you can pay monthly or every 6 months or once a year. Everyone that becomes members are premium members just like the owners. The owners are from Canada and their names are Kyle and Carson. They started this company to help people like you and me start an online business. Their dream has become a reality that steams far beyond what they started.

Can This Company Be Trusted?

Yes, this company can be trusted. There are over a million people who use this site and many success stories. But what you will find unique about it is the community. I refer to it as a mini private Facebook. Some so many people are willing to help anyone answer their questions and they are a great support team at any time.

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Is This Site Safe For My Children To Be On?

This site is one of the safest sites there is. They have 24/7 site support, and their security system is excellent. Someone found a scammer got inside the other day and as we all do a scammer alert went out with that profile and was reported to tech and BOOB just like that he was gone. They take are security seriously and that’s just one reason I love this site.

What Can They Offer My Children?

Your kids will get the same thing all members do. Here is a list of what you get as a starter and a member. It is my recommendation that you go in and become a member and I will tell you why. By being a member you get access to all the training, and that is what your kids will be in need the most. Please don’t worry the cost in membership will not break your bank like most companies. Most companies make their training hard however here it is broken down into small easy steps that your kids can easily follow.

My Special Offer To You And Your Children:

As a mother of three grown boys I to know what it is like to be protective of kids. I don’t normally do this but since this project is geared to helping your kids. I would rather feel safe than not. So here it is – My name is Lori Marick and I am from Chillicothe Missouri in the United States of America. You can Facebook friend me or e-mail me at

Now if your kids were to become a member through clinking the link below I will be your Childs personal Coach for as long as he or she has their business. You or your kids can private message me with any questions or concerns at anytime day or night, and I will respond as soon as I can.

When you and your Child enter into WA, make sure you set up your full profile so that everyone in the community knows who you are and can welcome you.

A special offer to both or you. When you enter you will see at the very top of the page either right away or shortly within the first 10 lessons. A banner address the top that will click on that button and follow it through to completion. your first month at $19. That is a savings of 59%, After that, it will be $49 a month.

You will also receive the Dimond Traffic lesson and a special training lesson hand-picked by me. The only other cost there is for your URL. This is an address for your website. The prices range from $13.99 to $16.99 a year and that price has never gone up like so many other companies do.

I give you my word that while inside WA I will watch after your kids and you or your kids can contact me at any time.

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Time For The Wrap Up:

There is a lot of information here to think about and consider. Please if you have any questions or comment feel free to leave them in the comment box below and I will reply as soon as I can, As always Thank You.

Lori Marick

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14 thoughts on “New Approach – Tech And Kids – Kids Having A Business Online

  1. Gustav Reply

    Great content, I do not have kids of my own but interesting facts about how you can teach them something that they have use for during their entire life.
    From Sweden!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Gustav and thanks for the comment. I have done a lot of thinking about creative ways family’s can get involved when I sat down to write this is what I created. It is a unique way to help kids and give them an advantage over their peers in todays world. Please come again to see future up dates.

  2. Steve Reply

    Hey Lori, Thank you for this useful and interesting post. I’ve seen a few of the problems you mentioned with my own kids and it’s taken quite some time to work through them. I like the thought of a business for kids. That is a very positive step. Thank you for suggesting this. Steve

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Steve and thank you for your comment. It is a new and unique way to help kids succeed and change for the better. The one thing about it is, they will get out of it what they put into it. If they do this for a year they will see that they are successful and will enjoy working and that will be where they will start changing for the better. I do not claim that this will be a magic pill that works over night. There will be ups and downs to all of, as there always is in a business. But if they stick with it they will one day say hay thank you for helping me to be successful. Please come back for future posts.

  3. Francis Reply

    Business for kids ! Love it !!

    My wife and i have been talking about starting home-schooling our children and one of the reason is that we wanna teach them business at a young age. We really like the idea of our children chipping in the family online business !

    Wish you the best, thanks for the good post !

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Francis and thanks for the comment. I believe teaching them life skills that they will need in the real world is just as important as schooling. However schools no longer see it that way and that’s a shame. A lot of people are now turning to home schooling because of it. Please come back for future updates

  4. Ivan Reply

    Great article! I agree with you completely. There are so many great benefits to having an online business. One of them is self-education. What a great way to start learning about life and being responsible. Not to mention having their own business teaches kids many other great values. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello again Ivan it is great to always get your comments. I couldn’t agree with you more. Please come again and see future posts.

  5. Jambo Reply

    Hi Lori. Thank you for this great article. I do not have any kids myself but I do very much like the idea of teaching children life skills such as research, money management and constructive writing.
    Thank you for sharing this

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Jambo and thank you for your comment. I agree with you I just wish school would teach our kids what they did to live in todays world. Please come again for future updates.

  6. James Reply

    Thank you for sharing such an interesting take on the matter starting a business. I couldn’t agree more that it’s an excellent way for children to develop many skills, and just as importantly have to ability to make something special and preferably something long lasting from their passions (which is of course a key components of true individual success in business)!

    Great post,

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello James and thank you for your comment . It is a very good way to teach them. please come back for more post in the future

  7. Rachel Reply

    Oh my! such a great idea. The internet has become a very scary place that I feel that my children should get a phone (without data) at a younger age for calls only, however by age 16, get their phone updated. I agree with you when you said that we no longer live for us but for the population, and it’s scary. I am familiar with WA and I think what would be better to allow adolescences to take the WA lessons while they are still in high school to allow them to build a very strong foundation and experience in marketing that they can take later into their career.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Rachel, and thank you for four comment. Our schools these days do teach relevant content but do not actually teach our kids what they need for in real life. This is why it is so important, more then ever, to get our kids up to speed. When I was growing up most people had a Childs life until they were 17 or 18 years old. But they way are world is today and looking in the near future our own Children have to grow up by 14 or 16. So its up to us to help them succeed

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