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Since I started this site I have been thinking of ways to help people with affiliate marketing, but I also want to help people with Scams – How to detect and defend against them. So I am going to focus this article on one of many I will be doing to help my readers stay safe. What Is A Scam?

A scam is someone who tries to get money from you by illegal means. In other words, they are stealing your money from you in Internet Marketinga way that you are handing over the money yourself.

I know that does not make many seances so let me please clarify in simple terms. The way that they do things and convince you that you owe them now or you are going to jail, and then you handing over the money to them in ways of gift cards or money transfers is how they steal from you.

Another way is people will befriend you on Facebook or some other social media site and start talking to you. At first simple questions about who you are, by doing this they get some personal info from you and know what strings to pull. If you’re single your all of a sudden in a relationship and engaged. Shortly after they will have someone send you money and then you send it to them. By doing this you are taking part unknowingly in a scam and can be arrested for it.

What Scams Are Popular Right Now?

There are many scams out there and a lot of confusion as to how to deal with these situations. I spoke to an officer of the Chillicothe Missouri Police Department today. Not only because I live in this area but because I wanted to know what types of scams are popular here in Chillicothe for phone calls, and the internet. To my surprise, there is a third one and that is by US mail that is still very popular.

The officer that I spoke with told me about the phone calls from Social Security, on Facebook the scammers try to pose as loved ones or lost friends. And then finally in the mail official mail with a check-in it. So Let’s take these three scams and break them down. Then I will also tell you what you can do about these three to keep yourself safe.

Social Security Phone Call Scams:

You are in the middle of doing something and the phone rings. You answer and say hello only to hear a recording that your assets have been frozen along with your social security card number Unless you press one to talk to the social security officer or call the number back that happens to be the same number that is calling you in the first place. That the Police will be at your door in one hour with an arrest warrant and take you to jail.

Please if you get this call to hang up the phone it is a scam. If there was an arrest warrant out for you the cops will be at your door for no one in the justice department including social security is going to warn you of a pending warrant. They want nothing but your information and what they can get from you, but it is a scam and nothing more.

There are other scam phone calls out their such as final attempt to reach you about your student loans. Windows or Microsoft tech support. Here is a YouTube video that has 5 of the most popular scams going on and what to do.

Loved Ones And Lost Friends On Facebook Scams:

As the years tick by and we depend more and more on social media to stay connected to loved ones and friends we lost touch with many years ago. The scammers are now taking advantage of this as well. They are hacking photos and profile’s to pretend to be who we believe is are a friend or loved one.

They will spend time even months gaining your trust and then that is when they strike. “I need help with this. Can you please buy me a gift card” they say. It is that easy. Wants’s you have the gift card instead of sending it to them they will either have you take a pic of the front and back, or read them the numbers on the card.

The reason they do this is so that they can get into the computer system and take that money off the card and put it in a banking account belonging to them. Remember they are not only scammers but also hackers. They might even convince you to send them money either to them or a friend cause they are out of the country. Whatever you do don’t fall for this.

The Chillicothe Police Department says two things can be done to prove it is your loved one, friend, or a scammer.

  1. Tell them that if they what the gift card of money they will have to video chat with you to prove their identity. Most of the time they will give you excuse after excuse why they can not video chat with you. Until then, do don’t give them anything. Also, remember to report the profile as a stolen profile to Facebook so they can deal with it.
  2. Ask for a phone number so that you can call and speak with them. If they give you a number, listen carefully to their voice. Also, ask them questions that only that person in your life would know the answer to. If they can not provide the answers and do not sound like them then hang up and report them to Facebook as a stolen identity

Getting mail Scams:

Even though this is a tech Savoy world, we all still get postal mail through are trusted post offices. You would think that with all the tech nowadays, you would be safe from scammers in the mail, but you would be wrong. When I spoke to the Chillicothe Police Department I was surprised to learn that mail scams are bigger than phone and internet scams. At least that was my understanding.

The biggest one going through the mail is certified letters with all the official seals and headings letting you know you won and that here is your check. All they ask is that you cash the check and send them some money back. Sounds nice right. Well, it would be until you were indebted to your bank for thousands of dollars because of a fraudulent check.

I asked the officer at the Chillicothe Police Department what a person can do when they get something in the mail like this. I was told there are a couple of ways to identify mail scams.

  1. The most popular way is that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is a scam. There is no such thing as get-rich-quick in life. As for these checks they can cause you so many problems including a fraud charge that you need to stop and think twice about it.
  2. If your still not convinced that it is a scam the Chillicothe Police Department encourages you to go down to see them or your local police department. They have dealt with a lot of scams over the years that they have got pretty good at seeing what is real and what is a scam.
  3. Trust your instincts and not your greed as I always tell myself.

Why Do I Care?

I am 47 years old and I have had many people call me, and they still do. Contact me on the internet and through the mail. There are times as new scams came out I nearly became a victim myself to scams. These scammers are becoming bolder and creative with every passing day that sometimes even the best of us get caught up in them.

I am doing this on my website “Why Wealthy Affiliates” because I know what I am promoting is legit and not a scam. From time to time I will put an article like this on my site not only to help Chillicothe Police Department get the word out about scammers but to keep my readers informed.

Time For The Wrap Up:

I know this is not the usual content that I write for my site, but I feel as I am exploring the affiliate marketing side of things I should also make my reads aware of the scams out their today. Please share this post on all your social media sites so that this information gets out and goes viral. People need to know this information.

I would like to take this time and thank the Chillicothe Police Department for helping me with my article.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond as soon as possible. As always Thank You.

Lori Marick

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12 thoughts on “Scams – How To Detect And Defend Against Them

  1. Rowan Reply

    Wonderful article, thank you for raising my awareness of how scammers can use your emotions against you through photo manipulation and fear tactics. I will share this with my friend, good work!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Rowen and thank you for your comment. Please do share this I feel as though it needs to be addressed. Please come back for more updates.

  2. Lee Reply

    This is a great post to help people out there identify scams and also I like the suggestions that you have pointed out on how to deal with these scams. I hope many people come across this post like me to raise their awareness and know how to protect themselves against these scammers and hackers.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Lee and thank you for your comment. I got together with the local PD here in my town to make this post. I hope and goal is that people will be able to understand and relate to it.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello again Eco and thank you for your comment. It is good to see you are keeping up with my newest post. I hope this helps you and many others.

  3. Owain Reply

    It’s incredible the ways that people try to scam money out of us. For them it is a full time job. And it obviously pays for the, because they are still doing it.

  4. Ivan Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience with scams. There have been a lot of them lately. It’s unfortunate how many people fall into the trap of these sleazy scammers. Your work is much appreciated.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Ivan and thank you for your comment. I will be posting more in the future about scams to help keep people aware. Come back anytime.

  5. Anita Reply

    Thanks to you we now have the needed information to guard ourselves form scammers. Thank you so much.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Anita and thank you for your comment. I am trying to stay up on the latest scams to be able to provide my reads with quaity and as much information about them as I can. Please come again for future posts

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