Starting An Online Business – What Can You Expect

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Many people ask me how they can start a business online? They also ask, what steps do they take for working an Confusedonline business? So I have decided to write this article Starting An Online Business – What Can You Expect for all those who have asked and will ask again.

First Make A Plan:

The first thing you have to understand is, there is no such thing as get-rich-quick. If it sounds too good to be true then it more then likely is. The second thing you must always remember is that, just like a real job you commute to every day, this is a job too. It will take time, hard work and dedication.

Start making out your plans or goals whichever you wish to call it. Now when I say goals I mean a 5-year plan to achieve full Business conferencesuccess.

  • 0 to 3 month
  • 3 to 6 month
  • 6 to 9 months
  • 9 to 12 months
  • 1 to 3 years
  • 3 to 5 years

I know 5 years seems like a long time but just like working up the ladder cooperation, success will not happen overnight. A plan in place, like this one, will more than likely be achieved. Look at it this way, A 5-year plan is like a contract and accomplishing even one goal is one more step to fulfilling your contract with yourself. Here is a one-year goal I set for myself, feel free to use this to get you started.

  1. 0 to 3 months – Chose my Niche, ( field of area you want to create your business in.) Create my website, start creating quality engaging content that is relevant to my niche. Creating 1 to 2 new content almost daily. Following the training courses. Engaging with my readers, comments, and emails. Work on my keyword list. Set me up to get ranked and index by the search engines at least twice a week if not more. Attend live webinars weekly. Continue to build your social media following by posting every content you create.
  2. 3 to 6 months – Continue with my training, and step 1 creates at least Quality 4 posts a week now, continue with weekly webinars. I start paying and engaging with my analytic, and webmaster tools. Challenge me to add a new field that is relevant to my niche on my website. Continue to engage with my reads, comments, and emails. Watch within analytic where, how, when, area, and post that are being affected the most and least. Take action to improve sight, content, and rankings within my website. See what social media content has been working for you in the last three weeks and improve more on that.
  3. 6 to 9 months – Continue with everything in 1 and 2 but can reduce post if you like to 3 a week. Take and gather together the last past six months of bank statements and compare what is been happening in your account in the last 6 months. Find another way to implement social media into your website every day and take action. Get your last three months of backing records and compare it to the ones you got three months ago.
  4. 9 to 12 months – Can decrease posts to twice a week if you wish. Continue to implement everything in steps 1, 2, and 3. Get excitementpass bank statements and compare the entire year’s earnings. Continue to increase your social following by implementing a new way to engage them, ( must find your way for we all have different ways of doing things.) Take a small break and reward yourself for making it a year.

Like I said this is my one-year plan, let it be a guide for you in setting up yours. I do not show my 1 to 3 years or my 3 to 5 years because It contains personal goals as well as my personal goals. Such as, what will I do with my money, where will I go, etc… I urge you to always as you go further into your goals to keep implementing your entire year no matter what the rest of your goals might be.

CompaniesTo Avoid When Looking For a company to teach you:

They say building a website is hard. In a way they are right and again they are also wrong. Will I explain to you throughout this man with computersection what I mean. I, myself have been through many platforms and it wasn’t until I found WA that I fail every time. Will I go through all that I know.

1) Lets first start with having a company build you a custom website for around 3 to 4 hundred dollars. I have been through two companies that built me one, so this is what I know you will get. You will get, no matter what you pay for, a generic, and basic website

You will also get your website hosted, for a small fee a month that is, and tech support. As for training, they do have that, BUT you will have to pay them money to get their training which still does not teach you how to run your back office. And you still have to pay to advertise.

2) Companies that bash other companies with bad one-sided reviews on their websites and in their video reviews on YouTube. When a person who makes such a sight or video is only going to tell you the half-truth and a bunch of lies about the company they are bashing. This means that they have an alternative motive. Those motives usually include getting you to sign up with along with your email’ Then train you on their method of making money that day or by the end of the weekend.

With companies like that, their training video usually goes this way. They typically start their video’s out somewhere in the world. Each new training is always somewhere new. It comes with music, dancing, and showing off that they are rich and there and you are not. It is a typical ploy to suck you in especially when they love to do what is crowdfunding. Getting money through their so-called fund-raisers. If they are that rich to travel all the time, then why do they have to beg for money?

In their training videos, they usually will be to ware you see their face the most and picture clips of their friends or where they have been, cause they just love bragging about themself. they will show you pictures of famous people and when talking a short funny video clip comes up just to keep you entertained and not leave their video until it is done.

They have a habit of telling you about how you can make money this way but it is hard and not ease at all until they come to the Roll of the diceplace where they are and what they want you to do. A sneaky way to entice by saying you could do this but it will take years or you can do this and make money by tonight or the end of the weekend.

Watch out as well for their unethical ways of giving you advice as well. Telling you to give up this and give up that, for example, if you came to me and I was there to train you. And I told you to give up your responsibility and commitments or your passion to work strictly on this, would you? I know I wouldn’t. But that is exactly what they do.

3) The last one is companies that upsell their customers. What I mean by this is companies that will give you a service starting you off at a fair and low price, but as soon as you buy they will tell you that if you upgrade to the next package you will get this and this and save such-and-such a year by going with this package. When you get that one all of a sudden there is another package that will be better for you and so on and so on. It is like a roll of the dice game, a gamble for sure.

I went through a company like that once and their highest page age for membership came $10,000.00. I was there when stunned when I saw the price. I was there when there someone just bought into this program bought every single package they had. I was there when watching the community interact with one another when he came in and was bragging about the package he got.

I felt so sorry for that guy because he bought a package after package and in the end, he spent almost $15,.000.00 to get a package that probably does not work. While there I contacted my coach and told her I needed help in my back office for I didn’t understand how to work it. She told me that to get the min um training for that I would have to upgrade to the next package and if I wanted the complete way to work my back office I would have to get the package after that. That’s when I called and got my refund and left.

What Company Do I Go With And Why:

I recommend that when starting a business you find a company that will train you to run your back office and your platform. A lot Signing a documentof us today are not as tech Savoy as we would like to think we are, (including myself in that statement.) When we start an online business, we need knowledge of the inner workings of our website to be successful. Without this knowledge, we will be struggling and failing all the way.

When starting a business I recommend you choose a company with experience, the lasted technology in equipment and resources tools. High quality of core training lessons, (content and videos.) of course a company that is affordable and will not break the bank. Do not fall for companies that tell you that you can make money by this weekend. Or generate $5,000 in your first month for they are nothing but scammers.

What you want when looking for a company to train you, that is going to roll up their sleeves and teach you to step by step how to run your back office, and not someone who just sits there and tells you to do this and this with now actually proof of what they are saying. Do not go by training that you sit there and listen and watch a person’s face telling how to do something with no actual proof.

The company, Wealthy Affiliate that I am with has such training that I have been speaking about. Not a single time have I seen the owner Kyle’s face on any of the training videos. His focus is on training WA members, the camera is also focused on his computer screen at all times and walking you through step by step in each training.

What Do I Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

I know you do not know me but please trust me when I say that with Wealthy Affiliate you’re going to get a lot more then what you pay. How I know this is because. I am a member and have gotten so much more out of this program than I ever expected or have ever gotten from a company before. Here is a Chart of all that you get inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing Your Niche:

Your niche as it is referred to is the type of area or field you wish to get into. In doing this I will decide which direction you go to when choosing your training courses, which will I talk about in the next section. Your niche should be something you are passionate about or have hobbies in.

You should never choose something that you are not familiar with or something you may just like. Always go with what you are passionate about for you will be able to write so much more content on the product you are promoting. If anyone ever tells you not to follow your passion or your dream, then I say turn around and run.

Most people by the time they become adults have passions and/or hobbies. This is why they are successful in online marketing. Girl sitting at a desk on computerHowever, please take my advice on the 2 main reasons people give up and quit is because they make their niche to broad. This will be explained more in the lessons.

The second reason people fail or quit is that after a month or two they don’t see results and give up. Like I have said throughout many of my articles that this is a business that you are building from scratch, so do not expect results overnight. There is no such thing as Get-Rich-Quick online.

The third thing you need to remember about choosing your niche is not to make it so broad at first. Focus on one area of your niche and as you begin to grow you will expand your field then. Most people don’t start off narrowing their niche and leaving it too broad when they first start and get now were in return.

Choosing Your Training Course:

When you complete the starter’s training, you are allowed to choose one of two training courses. Here is what course training and what they are for.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – This is the first training course, which is 50 lessons. they are broken up into 5 different training modals, containing 10 lessons each. These lessons are designed for you when choosing a sight that you will be promoting products on. Such as promoting Amazon or Walmart or even your products.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp – This course contains 70 lessons which are also broken down into 7 modals of 10 lessons each. This training course trains you on how to set up a site to promote. Companies such as, collages, or even like the one I promote, which is Wealthy Affiliate.

Start Your Training:

Now, when you start your training take it at your speed so that you understand and can implement all the instructions before moving on. If you do not understand then start asking questions. If you don’t get your questions answered by people that Newly Updated Trainingyou either bought the course from and/or a member of then maybe you should rethink switching companies.

With the company I am with, Wealthy Affiliate, the training video’s and the lessons are geared to one subject and tools to make it easy to follow. When you complete have read through the lesson and watched the video on how to do implement that lesson. There will be assignments to do correlating to the lessons. When you complete your assignment then you can move on to the next lesson.

Make Sure You Have A Good Research And KeyWord Rich Tool:

Keywords are extremely important when you have an online business. By having a tool to research KeyWords it will help you get ranked and indexed in the search engines, (google, bing, and yahoo.) I find that Jaaxy is the best KeyWord tool out there to use. At the bottom of this section, I will leave a link so you can see my review on Jaaxy.

Before you write any content I suggest finding your KeyWords and saving them to your list. Keywords are the root of al SEO success. Sadly though it is often overlooked and undervalued part of creating a sight. I would recommend that you keep a KeyWord idea notebook and write down ideas for KeyWords as you work on your site and content.


Start Writing Your Posts And Reviews:Blog post by Lori Marick

I have been to a lot of WA members sight to give feedback and comments and most of the content is good, but I have been

to sites where I did not leave a comment and went back to a member and said that because the content is not quality nor does it have more information I could not leave a comment, then I would make some suggestions so that they can improve on their content.

When writing content you need to make sure your post and reviews are of good quality and informational. Take for example this post I am writing now. It has 13 Headlines, and so far 24 paragraphs, and I have written 2,763 words and still have four of my headings to place paragraphs in. This post is well-informed in every subject which I have written. This is what was considered a good quality write up.

Make Sure You Have A Good Analytic Program:Analytics

Analytics is a great tool to use and has many features you can utilize for your sight. There are to things that I use and that is google analytics, and google Webster tools. These provide me with the information I need to see what is happening on my sight, when, where my traffic is from, and what areas I can improve on.

By placing your sight map into webmaster tools google will know exactly where your site is and will be able to crawl it every couple of days. This is a good thing and is what you want. You will have many reports you can go through to help you to understand where and when you have traffic and what areas need improving.

With the traffic, you will be able to see what is working and what is not. This way you will know what you need to improve on. It will also let you know if there is a mistake in your sight so you can fix it. You will be able to also view your sight in real-time. This means in the overview you can see if any is on your sight and where they are from.

Social Media Is Going to Your Best Friend:

Now, we all have the social media sites that we frequent almost daily and this can benefit your sight. When you are done writing your Quality content post it to your sites to help bring in traffic. Don’t worry at first if now one comes because you are a brand new sight and you are still building and people are still reluctant to trust a new sight. But after a while, they will be able to trust you and come to your sight.

Take advantage of Facebook live video feed at least once a week. You will find that at first people might not come but do not social media iconsgive up continue to do live feeds and share the video on your page and YouTube. Soon more people will come. When you start making YouTub videos this will also be helpful for your sight. Do not forget to post your YouTub video to Facebook too.

Online And Running – But:

Here at Wealthy Affiliates you can build a website and have it running live in just 30 seconds. When you complete have your website up you can start writing posts and reviews. BUT, and they always have to be at least one but. Remember success can not be built in one night. You are working for something for the future. Do not rush your progress nor lose sight of what your site is all about.

Remember the steps I have given you in this post and you will go far within the online world. I know it can feel scary and confusing at first but if you work at it and are persistent you will be OK.

Here is a special offer I give to you

If you click the link below it will take you to my Wealthy Affiliate complete review. From there you can enter into the world’s biggest online affiliate marketing team. Fill out your complete profile so people can welcome you to WA. when you are there look to the top of your page where you will get 59% off your first order. Now please remember that is only one time after that it is $49 a month.

You will also get the Dimond Traffic Lesson by Kyle and a training video hand-picked by me. There is one more thing you get. I Wealthy Affiliate Universitywill be your coach inside WA. So if you have any questions or concerns you may private message me at any time and I will return a reply as soon as I can. If you remain as a starter you will only have me as a coach for 7 days.


Time For The Wrap Up:

This post has a lot of information in it to where you can now go out and make an informed decision on where you want to start your business. You also have a five-year plan to guide you as you journey along your path.

If you have any questions or comments please go to the comments below and I will return a reply as soon as time allows. Please don’t forget to share this post on your social media sites so that others who want to build a website can also be well-informed. As always Thank You.Build+website

Lori Marick

Why Wealthy Affiliates


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  1. Marta Reply

    Hi, I was so convinced by your Article that I followed your advice and signed up with Wealthy Affiliate just now and can’t wait to see if it can really help me to finally achieve success online. I love your idea of creating a5 year plan for my self and see it as a contract that I have made with myself. I’ve been looking and trying to learn about online business but everything turned out to be a big waste of time and money.The way it looks on Wealthy Affiliate after starting the first couple of lessons,I’m very happy I came across this Article and made the decision to give it a last try.I can’t believe they’re giving all this information away for free just for signing up! That’s incredible! It seems like this was truly a great choice for my future!
    Thank you so much!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Marta and thank you for your comment, You will find so much in Wealthy Affiliate as you go through your training. If there is ever anything I can do you you please look me up under my user name LoriM5 and I will do my best to help you or point you in the right direction. Please come again for future updates.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Hari and thank you for the comment. Yes, it is the world’s largest affiliates marketing training place there is. Please come again for future updates

  2. Kristina Reply

    I never get tired of reading about Wealthy Affiliate through your articles (pictures you choose seem to perfectly fit in the content and I love how you tell about how those other kinds of companies work, charging for advice and charging so much for next to nothing in return~) You have a wonderful special offer (even for those who just sign up for free). I think I’m gonna try out that “set future goals” since I was just hoping to be making SOMETHING within a year and be making at least what I get from Disability ($771.00) a month within 4 or 5 years (so that I could drop Disability if needed and not have to worry about the re-certification appointment to see if I’m still eligible~

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Kristina and thank you for your compliment. I to am on S.S.I. and get $771.00 a month. As like you, I am working to support myself instead of depending on the government. The five-year plan is a great way to implement strategies in the long years to come. By doing so you will be successful in every aspect of life. Please come again for more updates in the future

  3. Thabo Reply

    I started affiliate marketing with another company that did not have proper support and that lead me to Wealthy Affiliate which has really had a huge impact in my life.
    As you said the company does not bash other companies and in fact in the training they tell us to write companies even Wealthy Affiliate in terms of our honest opinion.
    This is why I love the company and I have learned a lot.
    My first 3 months were building a site but I was already having content ranking well on google.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Thabo and thank you for your comment. I know if you work hard and are persistent you will be successful. I am glad you are pert of the team. Please come back for future updates.

  4. Ivan Reply

    I’m somewhere at the end of the first year with my business and I do have a plan to stay consistent for at least four more years. It’s already paying off, but I can only imagine what’s coming in the future if I keep working like this. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing content! Best of luck to you.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi, again Ivan and thanks for the comment. I wish you the best and after the five years is up I suggest making another five years. The best thing about this is because there is a light at the end of the tunnel we can imagine are futures and they are looking bright my friend.

  5. Tim Reply

    Very nicely done … I like how you placed the photos and graphs it helps with the flow and really adds nicely with this well-written post
    Best of everything

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      hi Tim and thank you for your comment. I always try to have a balance of text and visuals for my readers. See you when the next update comes out.

      • Diana Reply

        I started my online business with WA, an incredible platform, for which I am very grateful. Thank you for the great article.
        You have pointed important insights for an affiliate business. Keep going.

        • Lori Marick Post authorReply

          hello Diana, and thank you for your comment. I do my best to be open and honest about everything that I write. I will not lie to my readers for that is not why they come here. I do everything I can to give them as much information as I can find and as I know from WA. Please come again to see future updates

  6. Emily Reply

    Great information about starting your online business. I especially liked how you laid out your goals for your first year. I’m in the first few months of my online business and it’s slow, but I don’t have the time to commit to a post a day right now. But upping to a few posts a week might be a new goal I set for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Emily and thank you for your comment. I understand that people’s time varies so if a few posts a week is all you can do right now then it is better than nothing at all, Take your time for this is not a sprint but a marathon instead and we all have a long way to go. Please come back for more updates,=.

  7. Douglas Reply

    Wow, that is so much information to take in. I have been looking to make some extra money online and haven’t been able to find anything that seems like it will really work. After reading all of the information on Wealthy Affiliate I have come to realize that with all the comments it seems like a real thing. My question for you is doing the price of $49 a month ever go up or does it stay the same. I found some of these sites say it never goes up but in the comments and reviews that doesn’t hold true. I am so happy that I could take the time to go through your site and learn about this Wealthy Affiliate company. Thank you for the great information and I will be joining soon I hope. Thank you again

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      hello Douglas and thank you for your question and comment. First of all Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and nothing out there even comes close to its content, training, community, live webinars, and all the bells and whistles that come with it. To answer your question the $49 has been set in place 14 years ago and has never gone up.
      The price will never go up either. In WA you can pay monthly, every 6 months, yearly, or even up to 10 years. But the price is always the same. However, your first month is only $19 for you receive 59% when you become a member then every month after that it is $49 a month. I hope this helps and hope you come back for future updates. Can’t wait to see you inside

  8. Moni Reply

    Thank you for sharing an excellent article on how to start an online business and what to expect along the way. This is very helpful information for anyone thinking of starting an online business, I really enjoyed reading it.

    You are 100% right when you say treat this as a job and get to work on your online business every day as you would do in your normal job.

    When I started out I made a commitment to build my online business for 5 years and now at the end of 2 years business is going in the right direction and getting better every month.

    I believe online success is sure to happen for anyone if they make a 5-year plan and stick to the plan.

    You have a great site.. keep up the good work!

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Moni, and thank you for your compliment. I would be lost without my 5-year plan. I feel it is essential to any business whether online or a mom-pop store id you truly want to be successful. Please come again for more updates coming soon.

  9. Debs Reply

    What an absolute fully thought outpost. You are absolutely right in all aspects of what you have written here. There are no lies and it is written with thought and truth. Lori, I love it. I also love networking with you, Lori.
    You are a real gem and you help so many inside of Wealthy Affiliate. I know because I am witness to that. Not to mention the times you have helped me also. I love to network with you. Thank you so much for all the support and also for such an amazing post.

    Love this post
    Thank you so much.
    Debs 🙂

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Debs and thank you for such a wonderful comment. I write from my heart and tell it as I see it. I also have been on the other side looking in so I know where people are coming from and it helps me to help them with making an informed decision on what to do. Please come again for future updates and posts.

  10. Sabrina Reply

    Ever heard the saying, “work smart, not hard”? Well, when you say it takes real time and effort to make money online, you’re right. The best way to get there is to work smart AND hard. Quality content that rivals the professional feel of big-name websites is what will get your site to rank fast. I appreciate the time you took to create this article, I can tell it took a lot of thought.

    As far as social media goes, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit are all fairly easy and effective ways to pull traffic too.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hello Sabrina and thank you for your comment.LOL that saying should be changed to work smart, work hard, and you will succeed. You are right that the internet social media pulls in a lot of traffic for websites. Please come again for future updates and posts.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Remith, and thank you for your comment. I am glad that we have met inside of WA and I Have loved helping you out these last past few days. I only teach what I know and in this type of business, I too am learning and sharing what I know. You will do great my friend and remember never give up. Please come again for future updates and new posts.

  11. Eco_Catherine Reply

    As a fellow member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I support Lori with the concept of this being the best place to earn money online. Although I am in the early days I have every confidence in the theory, you just have to put the work in and stay committed to it.

    • Lori Marick Post authorReply

      Hi Eco_Catherine and thank you for your comment. Wealthy Affiliate is the best of the best when it comes to learning the ins and outs of business and learning to operate your back office. You have to work hard a be persistent and dedicated for this program to work. Please come again for more updates in the near future.

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