What Is An Online Business About – How Does This Help Me

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Around three years ago I placed a question in a google search that began my journey to online business marketing. As I do my research today and look back on this question I asked three years ago, I can see that this question is still popular with over 13,000 people asking google search the same question I did so long ago. So in this article, I intend to answer this age-old question the best way I know-how.

When you start a business online the first thing that comes to your mind is WHAT IS AN ONLINE BUSINESS ABOUT How Does This Help Me. Well to answer this question, let us start with the basics. When I first thought about this question, I also thought about all the basics too. Now, when read on you will learn that everything ties together.

3 Types Of Businesses In This World:

There are three types of businesses in this world, and you might just be surprised at one of these businesses. Please also keep in mind that with all three businesses there is also a price to be paid and benefits to each. As I dug into my research three years ago and is still valid today. I found that these three business types are what will make or break you.

The types of businesses I am speaking of is, offline businesses, (storefronts,) working at a job, (full or part-time,) and online business, (work from anywhere.) It took me by surprise to learn that working a job is a business, and it will be explained future in this article. However, it also comes down to common sense if you think about it.

Offline Business – Store-fronts:

Store-front Stores – These types of businesses or known as offline stores or offline marketing. They are our gas stations, superstores, mom-pop stores, shopping malls, etc. Now we have all been inside of storefronts many times before and sometimes every day. So we all know what I am speaking about so I will give you the price and to be paid and the benefits through Pros and Con’s.


1) Smiles from cashiers and clerks 2) Shelves are stocked 3) Profits made that day through sells.

4) Stores can grow into franchises 5)Face to face conversations 6) Happy Customers

7) Repeat customers 8) Success


1) Inventory 2) Stocking Shelves 3) employee’s paychecks 4) Employee’s health benefits

5) Paying investors 6) Paying partners 7) Dealing with theft 8)Dealing with angry customers

9) Making sure you stay up on the latest trends 10) Making sure you update with city and state codes.

11) Not having a lot of time for family and friends 12) Not having enough time for yourself

Working At A Job – Full Or Part Time:



Full and part-time jobs – Working for a living, most people wouldn’t even consider that it is a business, not just work for someone. How is it that having a job is a business? Well if you think about it, you are being paid to perform a service. Therefore, because you are being paid for your services, you are a business.

Here is another way to look at it. You are in control of your mind and body. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, or say anything that you don’t want to say. Now when you are hired for a job you have to abide by that business’s rules and regulations. But because you excepted the job and are being paid for it, you as a business understand and abide by their rules

Whenever you offer a service whether it be offline in a store-front, excepting a job, or having a business online, each one of these is considered a business. A good rule of thumb to have is when going to interviews think of yourself as a business and you’re the boss. By doing this you will have more confidence in yourself because you know what you are capable of and what you can do.

Here are some Pros and cons to working at a job.


1) Steady paychecks 2) Being active in today’s society 3) Being able to take vacations

4) Being able to purchase things you want 5) Knowing that you can take care of you and your family

6) Owning a home 7) Owning a vehicle or two 8) Having money to take the family one night


1) Mortgages 2) insurances 3) Medical Bills 4) Stuck in rush hour traffic and traffic jams for hours

5) Not a lot of time with family and friends 6) Working 8 to 12-hour shifts’s a day

7) Not enough money for food or bills 8) A job with no advancement opportunities

An Online Business – Working From Anywhere:



Working from anywhere – An online business is everywhere you go in the online world. All the social media sites, major stores you shop at online. If you were to google search a question such as, how to make money online? the search engines will bring up several pages that you can go into. Once you click on that page and enter that link you have just entered into someone’s business.

Take for instance this post you are reading now. This article I am writing that you are reading is my business. I write useful and helpful content so that people can understand how online business works and where to go for training, I also write reviews on tools that a person can use for their online store, along with writing reviews on products and business. I do this to help my followers find the very best of what they need and want for their stores.

As with any business, there are pros and cons as well.


1) Set your hours 2) Work from anywhere there is internet services 3) You are building a future

4) More time with family and friends 5) No rush hour traffic – work from home

6) Being your boss


1) Writing a lot of content 2) Taking training to run your business successful can take a long time

3) It takes a while to start seeing results for your efforts. 4) building a business from scratch is hard work

Which One Is Better For Me?


It is a hard decision for people to make about which one is right for you. I will tell you this that a lot of people will not follow their heart or dreams because they are afraid deep down inside to fail. Fear of failure is the number one reason that holds many people back, and why 70% of people in a job, hate what they do for a living.

Nowadays people are afraid to take risks or chances because of the scams online and the way business takes people for granted and will charge a person hundreds if not thousands of dollars to help them start a business online. However, a lot of people are creating businesses to make money and these companies that take advantage of people don’t care about that they just want your money.

So if you are going to finally take that leap of faith and risk as I have. I suggest researching and finding a company that will not only train you in all areas, including how to run your back office. One with great tech support and where the owners are involved with the community daily. A company that has large community support and a lot of training material and lessons.

Now I told you earlier in the article that this is my business sniffing these things out and doing reviews upon them for my readers and followers. There is one such company I have found that meets all these components. I will give you all that info at the end of this article. So please do read on.

What Is The First Steps I Need To Take?

It is my recommendation before starting an online or offline business that you sit down and write out a five-year plan. Now if you go to a bank for a large loan or a loan company, they are going to ask you for a five-year plan before they will even consider your application for a loan.

Now a five-year plan consists of the steps you will take to reach your goals. Also, include your long term and short term goals for every year. These may include personal goals such as in 4 years buying a house or starting a trust fund account for each of your kids.

Here is a first-year plan to help get you started for an online business.

1. 0 to 3 months – Create your website, create quality content, ( posts or reviews,) on products or services within your niche, ( What type of online business.), Choose an affiliate to partner with, respond to all e-mails and comments in a timely matter, Post to your social media sites. Keep a blog within Wealthy Affiliates. We should start to see some ranking and indexing in the search engines. Do not quit.

2. 3 to 6 months – Continue as the same above, but can cut back to four quality contents a week if you wish. You will notice your ranking and indexing within the search engines more often. More traffic is being sent your way. Maybe little commissions start coming in as well. Do not quit.

3. 6 to 9 months – Continue as above you may decrease your post to 3 a week if you wish. You’re ranking and indexing more and more. Your conversation rate has increased. You should begin to see your site on the first search pages now. Bigger and more commissions are coming in. Celebrate with your family a little for your three months away from freedom. Do not quit

4. 9 to 12 months – Continue as above but not if you choose you can cut back to two posts a week. By now every time you post you are getting ranked and indexed. Your traffic is more than you could have ever pictured, and finally, you now have a steady income and can quit that job. Celebrate with your family for you not only change your life but in the long run, you made your family stronger and a team. Celebrate, for now, you can quit

Now as for an offline first-year plan, I am sorry but that is not my field of expertise. But I am sure with the research you can find a template to writing a five-year plan for offline businesses.

Choose Your Niche:

The first thing is first, What is a niche? A niche is a field in which you will be taking your store. It can be healthy, gaming, electronics, to home decor. This is what you will be building your store around. In the offline world, it could be a gas station. Grocery store, or even a photography studio.

When choosing your niche you want to choose something that you are passionate about and/or have hobbies in. By choosing something that you are well diverse means you can add so much information to your readers, followers, and customers. This information will help them decided whether it is for them.

People seek as much information and details as they can about a product in a short amount of time that when creating content for posts or reviews and an ad for a sale at a store you have to be creative, engaging, and quality information to get the persons you are targeting interested, and remain interested.

With that said CONGRATULATIONS are to you who are reading this. You see you have made it further than most people who have come before you and read this. Why is this, you may wonder. It is that I have caught your attention with all that I have written so farm and the pictures and maybe some videos if I decide to add them later down the line.

Since you have made it this far, I encourage you to read the rest of this article for more useful information you may use in your business.

Narrow Down Your Niche To A Certain Area:

By now, you more than likely got your niche picked out. So it is now time to narrow down your niche. WHAT…WAIT…HUH? You now have your niche, but let’s take health for example. Healthy is a very broad niche. To have an online successful business you need to narrow the niche down to a type of field in that area.

Health has too many fields such as medical equipment, sports medicine, health equipment, yoga, etc. The list for this is so long and if you did not narrow it down, when people came to your site they would more than; likely turn around and run. The reason for there reaction like this is that they are being referred to your site thinking it deals in a small field.

Let us say they are only interested in yoga. After they come to your site they would have to search through many different fields just to get to what they want. If they can not find what they came there for which is yoga products and information right off the bat they will leave and never come back.

If you look at other sites in your field through Google or Bing search engines, You will see that people have there sited gear toward a certain area of that field or niche.



Finding The Right Training Tools:

OK, there are two ways to get the tools you want and I will tell you both ways right here and now.

1) To start an online business your self without help you will need the following

A. You need a platform template for your website. I have had a few over the last couple of years and I recommend WordPress. This platform is user-friendly and compatible with many plugins.

B. A good keyword research tool. I recommend Jaaxy for it is easy to use and you can try it for free. Just set up your user account completely.

C. An all in one SEO pack. Now this will cost you but is well worth the price. I recommended WordPress all in one SEO pack. I use them and I find that it is very simple to use and not complicated like many other SEO packs are.D)

D. I recommend you get a and grammar checker. I use Grammarly. You can get it through the Microsoft store. I use the free version and it works wonders for me.

E. If you go to google plugins you will be able to find a lot of them for free, but I highly recommend an auto-responder so that your customers and clients know you got their emails and will respond to them in a timely matter. This program can also send out auto-messages letting your e-mail list know you have a new post, review or product in your store.

F. You will need social media share buttons. You can get one through the google plugins site.

G. If you are not a coder you might want to find a computer tech just in case you break your site when embedding code from google analytics or webmaster tools into your site. These tools are essential to help you stay organized and up to date with what is going on inside your store.

This is just the basics you will need if you go at this alone. you will also need to try to find a teaching system out there that will teach you everything you need to know about running a business online. This can be pretty expensive and may not be exactly what you want.

2) The second way is to go through a company that has all this. This picture below is what you will get when you enter into Wealthy Affiliate.

You also get to use Jaaxy for free for your Keyword searches. Live chat room with a friendly and active community of over 2.2 million people. The all in one SEO pack is included for no extra cost. Best of all you get to try it for free.




My Promise To You

If you try Wealthy Affiliate for seven 7 days free and are not satisfied with what they have to offer then you can come back here and ow down below. YELL AND RANT AT ME IN THE COMMENT BOX BELOW for I would deserve every bit of it. If for whatever reason you are not happy with Wealthy Affiliate to let me know, this is My Offer To You

For me to place your yell and rant at me for your 7-day free trial you will have to go through my link below to enter Wealthy Affiliates. If you do not enter through my link and are not satisfied. If you come back and place a yell and rant I will not post it. This is the only way I will know you came in under me. I will also be your coach for 7 days.

If you choose to become a member. This is my promise to you. I will be your one on one coach for as long as you are a member. You will get the Dimond Traffic lesson. Plus a special lesson is chosen by me. You will also be able to sign up for your membership at $19 your first month then it will be $49 a month thereafter.




Time For The Wrap Up:

We have covered a lot in this article and now, you have a choice to make. Do you take a risk and a leap of faith to join the world of online business. Or do you remain on the outside with offline and work? Here is one final thing for you to consider in making your decision, Our world has become so advanced in technology that in about 10 years from now where will you be when EVERYTHING IS ONLINE. Will you be in an offline past or the online world with everyone else?

I urge you to leave questions and comments below and I will return them as soon as possible. As always Thank You

Lori Marick


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